muisarm (RSI) behandeling


What is Mouse Arm (RSI)?

Mouse arm, also known as Repetitive Strain Injury (RSI), is a complaint resulting from excessive and incorrect use of the computer mouse. This condition is characterized by stiff muscles, muscle pain, cramps, loss of strength, tingling, and reduced coordination. Due to constant tension and prolonged strain, muscles can become damaged. In severe cases, this can lead to limitations, such as being unable to hold a pen.


In our current era, where the use of computers is essential, more and more people are experiencing symptoms of mouse arm.


Treatment of Mouse Arm (RSI)

At Ramses Health in Amsterdam, we have developed a specialized approach for the treatment of mouse arm. By using special oils and applying ancient, tried-and-tested techniques, we directly target the core of the problem. Our treatments are aimed at significantly reducing the symptoms of RSI or even completely eliminating them.


We understand how limiting and bothersome mouse arm can be in daily life and work. Our treatments offer an effective solution to allow you to work comfortably and pain-free again.


Price: 150 euro

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