Cellulitis behandeling


Cellulite occurs mainly among women. The elastic connective tissue of women is naturally softer and looser than the male. The physical changes in women, such as during puberty, pregnancy, and menopause require a lot of elasticity of the tissue. Under the influence of hormones (estrogen), an unbalanced diet and lack of exercise accumulate more fat in the cells of the dermis. These cells can grow to be ten times as large and then push the weak connective tissue to the skin surface. This causes bumps and pits in the skin surface, the so-called orange peel skin. In addition, the full-fat cells plus the fine vascular system of the blood and lymphatic system. That causes an obstructed blood circulation, reducing the oxygen supply and the discharge of waste products and cell fluids. A central role in this plays the female hormone estrogen. Higher estrogen levels lead to a greater storage of fluid in the body, which tends to strengthen cellulite. Estrogen increases especially during puberty, pregnancy and the menopause. Also during the menstruation and by the use of the pill. The cause and development of cellulite is a complex process. In addition to construction and personal constitution, there are numerous modifiable factors; and thus also opportunities for improvement. With a natural body care, healthy diet and exercise, you will work actively to a beautiful and healthy body.




Ramses Health has access to special cellulite problems tuned oils that penetrate deep into the fat cells which cause the waste in the fat cells to be released. The waste is then discharged through the treatment with improving the circulation. The result of this treatment is a nice tight skin.


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