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Lower back pain

Many people suffer from low back pain, usually, it does not remain at the last part of the spine. It radiates through the butt or even to the knee because of nerve compressions. You can suffer from shooting pains or tingling. In addition the pricking can be painful cold or burning. Causes of pain in the lower back are heavy physical work (bending and heavy lifting), lots of seating, lack of exercise or a too soft or too hard surface. Chronic diseases also causes low back pain such as hernia, osteoarthritis, arthritis, lumbago, sciatica and pelvic instability. We can treat it all and we do that with our specially crafted oils and our unique techniques learned from ancient Egypt. In this way, we ensure that we address the core assuring that quick results can be achieved. A complete cure of the pain is our strive and is often achieved.


Price: 75 euro


For the chronic diseases: Hernia, Spit, Ischias and pelvic instability price is 150 euro

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