Rafael has been able to help many people. Read below reviews of his customers.

Claire de Jager

I am very happy with this quick and amazing results that I have achieved

I am 19 years old and have since my 15th complaints off my back, I have a slight scoliosis (my spine has a C shape).At paediatric physiotherapist I also discovered that my left leg is 1 cm shorter than my right leg.


Later, around my 17th I developed a lot of pain in my left knee. The pain was so strong that I had trouble walking. I also had a lot of pain in my left shoulder which radiates to my arm and neck. I've been to many Physiotherapists but all without any real progress. I was told that I needed to treat my lower back and shoulder by an orthomanual doctor. I went to Ramses Health, my friends told me very positive stories/ experiences with Ramses Health and advised me to go. And now I'm here.


After the first treatment it went a lot better with the pain in my neck and shoulder, because the muscles were no longer as incredibly hard as before. This was a big liberating moment for me because even at rest I could not concentrate, because of the incredible pain that I had


After the second treatment my neck as well as loose, only on the top there were still pieces that were stuck, but I was extremely happy with this result, because this was only my second treatment and I was already much improved.


After a couple of treatments (my left arm was completely relaxed/loose because nerves were not trapped anymore) my tremor is considerably less with my left arm and my neck is very well able to move back and forth. Also I can move my arm now much better because my shoulder is a lot looser.


After all my treatments I've had at Ramses Health. My neck is completely without pain, also my tremor in my arm was gone. I am very happy with the quick and amazing results that I have achieved here, because otherwise I wouldn’t know what I would have done.

Paula van der vliet

After just a few treatments my pain in my lower back, knees, ankles and feet were gone

I came to Ramses Health with a big list of complaints:


  • Chronic Migraine, from 18-19 years
  • Exhaustion, burnout
  • Frustration
  • Tinnitus (bell sounds), ringing in the ears
  • Eye inflammation
  • Fibromyalgia
  • Cardiac arrhythmias, burning in the heart
  • Skin Burn
  • Dizziness balance disorder, -memory loss virus in brains
  • Low back pain
  • Severe insomnia
  • Tumor in breast
  • Pain in ankle
  • Stinging eyes, dry eyes
  • Street fair
  • Abdominal pain
  • Foot Pain
  • Chronic fatigue

Actually, I came only with Ramses Health for my migraines because I had no idea what he could treat. Still, the result was mind-blowing and the upper complaints were mostly resolved. After a few treatments the pain in my lower back, knees, ankles and feet were completely gone. I also felt myself fuller with energy. My migraine that I had for years was also significantly reduced. My upset stomach and abdominal pains that I had daily have been corrected. After all the treatments I have had at Ramses Health my migraines are completely healed, I see clearer from my eyes. I do not longer suffer from insomnia and burnout. I would recommend it to anyone for any problem whatsoever.

Bill Blanchard

After the treatment I was walking better, breathing better, and amazingly, I never felt cold for several days

When I came to Ramses Health I had problems with walking and with my breathing and I would get really fast ill. I just wanted to send you a note to thank you again for the wonderful treatment  I received on April 15th. You definitely have a gift of healing. After the treatment I was walking better, breathing better, and amazingly, I never felt cold for several days afterwards - even though it was very chilly when we got to England.  Great stuff!  I hope someday I can return to Amsterdam for more of your work - and of course to visit such a wonderful city.    

Mevrouw H.H.

To my surprise not only the pain disappeared but also other symptoms

I'm 55 years old. I went in asking if they could do an atlas adjustment for me because I had understood from someone that it might cause the low back pain I had for 30 years. Despite the many physical therapy, manual therapy and acupuncture, I have had over the years, the pain radiated increasingly into my legs, making walking often very painful and difficult. I was advised to treat my entire body and also to undergo a detox treatment. To my surprise did I not only eliminated the back pain, but also my other complaints like Sat fluid in my legs, aching ankle, heel spurs, tingling fingers, pain in the knees, pain in neck and shoulders, pain in my bones (which I did not even know I had) and insomnia. I even fell off 9kg within 3 weeks. People around me told me that my face looked better (shined). Personally, I feel years younger and I can again look with optimism to the future. It is also important to mention that during the treatment there were also quite a lot of emotions, which helped the healing process of my headache.

Annabel van Hoorn

For years I suffered from cramped feet

For years I suffered from cramped feet. Especially as I was relaxing on the couch, I felt the tension and sometimes I suffered from a mild version of the restless leg syndrome sometimes falling asleep more difficultly. I had already let a doctor look, but he couldn’t find anything. I also visited a podiatrist who saw nothing unusual and saw no reason to prescribe insoles. Later, I went for a second opinion to another podiatrist who gave me insoles. The tension in my feet reduced slightly but not enough.

I came to Ramses Health and Raphael really took the trouble to look for the real cause. That was not so much in the foot itself but the Achilles heel and calf. After several treatments, the tension decreased significantly and the pain disappeared.

Edo W.

A few sessions later I hardly have have tension at my face

Since about 15 years I am suffering from tensions on the right side of my face. There was no pain but a very annoying constant tension. My face also felt very asymmetrical. I have been treated by various professionals, among others: a chiropractor, osteopath, jaw physiotherapist, trigger point therapist (dry needling) and body stress release. I also have had an Atlas correction. This however has not led to the result I desired. I still felt the same tension.

I started looking on the internet and came across a forum a number of statements from people who had the same problem and they were all cured by Rafael from Ramses Health. Despite my initial scepticism, I made an appointment with Raphael. Now, a few sessions later I am no longer affected by these tensions. A few more sessions and I hope to be rid of all my complaints. It is in my point of view an investment that is well worth it. I hope that other people use my experience here.

Marnix Pauwels

I can move better

I came to Rafael because of my pain in my right shoulder (couldn’t lift much weight high on that side) and in my neck (which resulted that I could hardly move my head). I have generally also problems with my joints and I am very tired, for a few years now. I wondered if he could do something about the last one. My sleeping is not bad at all lately, but I can’t lie on the position that I would like in bed, because of the pain in my neck.

Besides these inconveniences, my fingers (fingertips) are often a bit insensitive, as if the blood flow is not enough. I'm pretty stiff, and there is a constant tension in my back.
Perhaps it is good to mention that I am coming from a very tough period: I was severely depressed. A half year ago I quitted: cigarettes, soft drugs and alcohol. I have used these things for decades. When I came to Rafael for the first time, I was feeling well, except the physical symptoms. I eat healthy now since a long time, and I think the moment has come to pay more serious attention to my body


The first treatment:
I expect a firm treatment. Something I already know. But everything is different. The interview, Rafael himself, the heat cabin. When he finally got to work, it was a very firm treatment. In other words: it is quite painful. Although I know the idea that Rafael is trying to treat the problem. He tells me that the pain in my shoulder and neck has settled very deep in my body. He also knows how to find the specific problem almost immediately.

I welcome the pain. Although it is sometimes unbearable, I understand that that is the beginning of healing. My back is so full of old junk, which makes it hard work for both Rafael and me. It strikes me that the pain is immediately gone when he stops pressing and kneading. It's very direct, very local, and very temporary. I trust Rafael completely in his knowledge and in his treatment. The pain associated with this process is normal, especially because I have neglected my body for a long time.

Afterwards you feel immediately relaxed. I still feel a bit of a nagging feeling after, but it is clear that there my muscles are already quite loose. My right shoulder, which ached when I tried to lift my arm, has improved, now I can tilt my arm further than before without having pain.
I have had four sessions. After the first two I felt myself already very good at certain times in the day. What I especially noticed is that my back started to loosen up. I felt myself looser, freer. I can move better. Rafael told me that there is still a lot of work to be done, but I am already very pleased with the result I achieved in this very short time.

Wim Does

Since then, I no longer suffer from my neck hernia

Since January 2003 I have a burn out after 21 days, on the advice of the doctor, I went to work again for two hours a week. This is also because I could no longer stay home from the company, because getting back to work could get difficult I didn’t return. Gradually I started working full time again after this period, I have always found the feeling of fatigue that never went away. In July I got neck hernia. After six months this was restored. She told me that I couldn’t lift heavy stuff anymore. If I did the back pain and tingling in my arm would return again.
From 1998 I also had psoriasis
Since January I've dealt with Rafael and so far successfully. In the same month I also got problems with my stomach and intestines (irritable bowel syndrome). The treatment with the specialist didn’t have effect even the medication did not help. I never received any medication from Rafael and has solved all my problems. Since then, I no longer suffer from my neck hernia and can even lift heavy things without suffering later. The fatigue is greatly reduced. The appraisal of psoriasis has become much quieter. After having the treatments at Ramses Health I feel myself like new. So I recommend anyone with problems to visit him.

Dieneke Renkema

I would recommend Rafael for every complaint you have

I came to Rafael with the following complaints:


Always tired, never rested. Poor sleep with many interruptions, waking up early, hours lying awake. Itching in my eyes. Shaky in the legs, sometimes dizzy. Feeling sick, sometimes no appetite, incorrect breathing, stress, anxiety and panic. I do not know why. Feeling depressed (neurotransmitters). Pain in the neck and shoulders, lower back, between the shoulder blades and the both sides of the hips. Nose is often clogged, swollen nasal mucosa (inflammation). Always a distended abdomen. Cold feet and sometimes cold hands.


After 4 to 5 weeks, I have reached the following result:


The eyelid does not itch anymore, my eyes shine. My vision has improved. My nasal allergies are over. The wrinkles on my face have disappeared and my face feels smoother. I also have no walls under my eyes. I can move my neck again without pain. I have a better blood circulation and my neck looks prettier. My skin generally looks less wrinkled, smoother and younger. All the wrinkles on my arms are gone. My fingers are thinner and my nails shine. Low back pain is gone. The sciatica in my leg is gone, a much softer skin. Fire scars have become much softer feel and no longer hard. My anxiety and panic is over. My forgetfulness is also much less. Stomach pain is gone. My feet and hands are warm again. My breathing is better. I also have much less stress. My dizziness is over. And all this in 4 to 5 weeks of treatment. I would recommend Rafael for every complaint you have.


I recommend everyone with whatever illness to visit Rafael

I am 55 years old and I came to Ramses Health with the following complaints:

• Lower back pain
• Fluid retention in the legs and feet
• Heel spur and sore ankles
• Tingling fingers
• Cold hands and feet
• Pain in the knees
• Diabetes
• Pain in the neck and shoulders
• Overweight
• Insomnia
• Psoriasis and Eczema
• Pain in the bones

I have been a few weeks under treatment at Rafael. I have now much less pain in my back and the pain disappeared in my legs, feet and knee. I also feel that I recover much faster when I exercise. My skin is quiet and also psoriasis and eczema have disappeared. The accumulation of fluid is fixed in my legs and feet. My fingers do not tingle anymore. I no longer suffer from cold hands and feet. I sleep much more and my insomnia is gone. I have no pain in my bones. The tinnitus has also been resolved and I lost 8 kg in a very short time. I recommend everyone with any illness to go to Rafael.

Marit van der Knijff

No asthma, no eczema, more energy

Below is a brief history about my disease pattern:


Between my 2nd and 5th year of life I've had twice two sided pneumonia, almonds have been cut and I have had many times an ear infections with the famous handling "piercing the ears, then I got chronic bronchitis, shortness of breath, coughing, colds. In short, I was a lot ill and because of it I had often to abandon the social activities at school and after school activities. At the age of 7 I had a lot of medication, which actually hardly helped.


After much deliberation, it was finally decided (in consultation with me and the doctor) that I could go to the sanatorium in Davos. Initially for one year. This in order to strengthen myself and since that at this high altitude (1800m above sea level) viruses cannot survive we had good hope.
This was indeed a very good step, and I didn’t get ill for a whole year! Not once! The stuffiness was also immediately much better and I hardly suffered from it.

Back in the Netherlands I again suffered from allergies, eczema and distress. I was not as often ill but still.... My quality of life was affected by these complaints.


I then began my first treatment to Rafael
immediately after the first treatment, I noticed that my acute asthma decreased by about 80%! Such a quick result I did not expect! After the 2nd treatment I might only suffered from asthma 5%. When we decided to do a detox in consultation with guidance from him. During this period I hardly suffered from asthma. The results are very positive (after only 5 weeks!!!). No asthma, no eczema, more energy, I sleep more deeply, my blue and red veins on my legs were reduced by 50% (!)  And the cellulite has been reduced by 70% (!). I also lost a lot of kilos (12 kilos) off course. I look healthier and younger and I can now run up to 45 minutes on a cross-trainer without the need for an inhaler!


I can recommend a treatment Rafael from all my heart. His treatments are phenomenal and because of his knowledge and expertise I have achieved these great results, and such a short period!!

Klaas Mooij

no sore neck and back anymore

Through friends I heard about the Atlas correction by Rafael from Ramses Health in Amsterdam. Because of my neck and back pain I walked rather bent and I struggled to keep my head up. When I was walking a few months ago saw my reflection into a shop window, I was shocked by the image that was reflected, I looked like a curved, very old man and I'm just 60 years old.


When I heard that it is possible to improve my posture by doing an atlas correction, I have this request from Rafael. I told him that I suffered years of low back pain and that they are extended to the upper back and neck. Despite the many strengthening exercises for my back, that several physiotherapists have taught me in the past, I was still regularly suffering from back pain. There were times when I (couldn’t sustain to work seated). In the evening my back was often so painful that I could not read normal, watching television or playing the piano. I was then forced to go to bed early, but sleeping also went with pain and difficulty. I could only fall in sleep lying on my side. I was often awake because of the pain. Therefore I was tense, lifeless, gloomy and irritable.


At my first consultation Rafael advised not only to undergo an atlas correction, but to give my neck and back complaints also therapeutic treatment. I followed his advice.


During the first treatment I felt the hard tension in my neck and back muscles. I noticed that Rafael’s treats his patients in a very special way. I was impressed by the effect my neck and back muscles, they felt relaxed after the first treatment. I was very surprised with these results. I also observed and saw clearly that I could walk with my head up again also my sit position was improved by the treatment. I was amazed at the effect after one treatment. My interest was thus more stimulated.


Rafael told me that there is a lot of waste are in my neck and back muscles. He advised me to come 3 times a week for 2 weeks for a treatment to achieve a lasting result. With this treatment I agreed and we went straight to work.


After each treatment I noticed that the muscles were less hard and painful, but softer, elastic and pain free. Actually, I feel now after 6 treatments reborn. No sore neck and back anymore. A much better posture. I can again walk upright and sitting, without any problems. I enjoy hiking and biking again. And what I find marvellous is that my sleep has improved significantly. I sleep very deeply. I can now for the first time in my life even sleep on my back without waking up from back pain. Upon awakening I feel really rested and energetic. At work, I noticed that I have much more energy and concentration. I will not be bothered anymore by physical ailments. I perform much better. But most important is that I literally feel good in my skin, which of course also makes me feel psychologically better. It's nice to experience that the therapeutic treatments of Rafael have a healing effect on both body and mind.